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Patios, Decks, & Pergolas

Patios, decks, and pergolas extend the living space of your home so you can fully enjoy warm breezes, sunny days, and sparkling twilight evenings in Southwestern Michigan. We'll match your needs with the best design, placement, and materials for maximum enjoyment and functionality. 


A patio is a perfect outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining! We can install pavers and concrete patios as well as incorporate other hardscaping elements like stairs and stepping stones. A patio can be attached to a house or be completely detached; either way, it's a great way to add extra living space to your home.


Pool patios are also a great option and can be waterproofed to ensure longevity. Patios can also provide a place for grills, fire pits, and other furniture to create a beautiful outdoor living space. With the right design and materials, we can create an outdoor oasis that you and your guests will love!



Installing a deck around the front or back of your home is a great way to add outdoor living space to your home. The types of decks we install can vary from classic solid wood to modern manufactured wood.


Wood decks require more maintenance than manufactured wood, but have a classic look that can fit any home. Meanwhile, manufactured and composite wood decks require little to no maintenance and can come in a variety of colors. With a deck,  you can enjoy the outdoors while still having the comfort of your own home.


A pergola is an ideal way to protect and shade your outdoor space. Our solid wood pergolas can be custom-built to fit your space and enhance outdoor living. Add your own twinkle lights or allow us to install lights for you in order to give your space an enchanting effect in the evenings. A pergola can provide a cozy space for outdoor dining and entertainment and is both beautiful and functional. With the right design and materials, a pergola can be a perfect addition to any landscaping project.

"Your guys did a very good job on the patio, very pleased."

— Amos


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