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Pools & Spas

Who doesn't want their own personal paradise? We can install an Imagine Pools™ composite fiberglass swimming pool and create a beautiful space around it—all designed to meet your relaxation and entertainment needs for your home in Southwest Michigan. 

Adding a pool or spa to your landscape is a multi-step process, but we’ll handle everything so you can focus on enjoying it. We will:

  • Incorporate your pool or spa into the initial landscape design to ensure it fits with your other hardscaping elements and planting style.

  • Make safety a priority throughout the process by acquiring permits for mechanical aspects like gas and electric.

  • Lay the groundwork by excavating the area for when you're ready to install your pool or spa.

  • Install your new fiberglass pool, spa, and tanning ledge.

  • Install the pool deck / patio and surrounding landscaping.



With an Imagine Pools™ composite fiberglass swimming pool, you’re free to choose from a vast array of sizes, shapes, colors and configurations that perfectly suit your tastes, and your space.

Then it’s simply plug-and-play. We could prep one day and set your pool the next saving your family from months of backyard chaos. From design, to delivery, to installation...every aspect of your new Imagine Pools™ swimming pool is, quite literally, seamless.


There’s beauty deep below the surface, too. Imagine Pools™ swimming pools are crafted with marine-grade technology and Centurion Core™ Construction—to provide years of low maintenance, trouble-free ownership.


The non-reactive composite construction reduces chemical usage, and a smooth, lustrous gelcoat finish means it is not only beautiful to admire but also enjoyable to swim in. Because the whole point of having a swimming pool in your backyard is to relax—imagine that.


Your home and yard are created to match your personality, so why not make your pool fit your style? Choose from rectangular, to curvy, one depth or graduated. 

You also have the choice of what color you'd like your highest quality gelcoat finish to be. Our designers can help you not only find what fits your personality but create a custom pool deck to complement.

pool liner colors.png


Kick back and relax in the soothing water of your new hot tub spa or tanning ledge. Both options allow for a luxurious addition to your inground swimming pool.

With a spa, you may experience less stress, improved circulation, and relief from symptoms of joint and back pain. Plus it is a great way to disconnect from the world for a little while. These spas are also available in the same color range as the pools.

A tanning lounge is a versatile ledge and mini-pool perfect for relaxing in chairs under umbrellas and a great place for young children or pets play in and cool off.

Imagine Pools Spa Mystique Ocean Blue 2022-0926 KY.jpg
Copy of High_Format_Smoke_Azure_LR_102721_-9.jpg


We know that relaxing by the pool is just as desired as spending time in the water. Our landscape designers can recommend and design a perfect pool and spa deck and surrounding landscaping to provide you with a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy.


Protect your pool when it's not in use by allowing us to install an automatic pool cover. With a push of a button you'll be able to open or close your pool with ease while maintaining a sleek and upscale design.

pool cover


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