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The Design Process


Turning your landscape dreams into a space your family and friends will enjoy for years to come is an exciting process, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Our landscape designers have the knowledge and experience to analyze your site and design a space that is beautiful and functional. Our team will help you visualize your space and work with you to bring your dreams to life. Our five-step process will help you move from an idea to a completed project you can be proud of!

Let's Get Acquainted

  • First, we'll talk through the overall project scope—typically by phone or in our design center. (We do ask that you complete the "Pre-Visit Questionnaire" before this discussion.)

  • Next, we'll share thoughts and ideas and talk over a vision for the end project.

  • Next, we'll review the design/build process, including our design rates.

  • Then, we'll discuss the budget, timing, design options, and cost.

  • Finally, we'll decide whether we are a good fit and schedule an on-site meeting.


Complete the Design

  • With customer's approval and payment, the design process begins.

  • Designers will create a customized plan for the customer using the questionnaire and site notes.

  • Then we'll make any changes needed, and present the design.

  • Next, we'll have an initial design review with the customer.

  • Then we'll make adjustments to the design as needed.

  • Finally, we'll present the final design.

Installation Proposal

  • First, we break the project down into separate work areas.

  • Then we'll give the customer the final proposal.​​

  • The customer will decide on priority work areas for installation.

  • Lastly, we'll secure your spot on the installation schedule with an initial deposit.



  • Installation occurs with steady communication with customers.

  • We will provide an invoice when work begins and another once work is completed.

  • Then we'll schedule a final walk-through to answer any questions.

  • Lastly, we'll send a testimonial and customer satisfaction survey request.

Ongoing Landscape Services

  • Keep your landscaping looking new with regular maintenance.​

  • Whether you have a design installed by us or a yard needing cleaning up, you can schedule our maintenance services anytime! Contact us today to get on the schedule.


Like what you see? Contact us to learn more.

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