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Commercial Landscape Services

Four seasons, one professional team.

Show your professionalism with impeccably manicured lawns, trees, shrubs, and plant beds, as well as clear walkways and inviting entrances. Creative's commercial maintenance services are for businesses, schools, municipalities, homeowners associations (HOAs), apartment complexes, retail spaces, medical buildings, higher educational institutions, warehouses, and other professional organizations.


Landscape Design

Our professional design team can give your property a new life by imagining what it could be.

Outdoor Lighting & Irrigation

Outdoor lighting is exceptionally important for keeping your business secure and safe for employees and those visiting.


We also provide irrigation services to keep your grass and plants looking their best.

Landscape Construction

Is your walkway cracking?
Do you need an outdoor space for entertainment? Just need an upgrade with flowers and shrubs?  We can provide all of that and more.

Tree & Forestry Services

Whether you have large or small trees on your property, maintaining them takes work and time to keep them safe for all who work and walk under their branches. We can trim, remove, transplant, and more.

Lawn & Plant Bed Care

If your business sits on a property with extensive grass and plant beds, save yourself the hassle and let us take care of it so you can care for your clients.

Snow & Ice Management

Clear parking lots and sidewalks are important for the safety of your team and your visitors during the snowy months of southwestern Michigan. We can provide plowing, shoveling, and salting to help keep everyone on your property safe.


We offer environmentally friendly options for your property including:


  • SMART robotic autonomous mowers*

  • Battery-operated power tools

  • Organic Herbicides


*We use Husqvarna Robotic Mowers that have many benefits for your property including healthy, consistent, beautiful mowing for your lawn no matter the weather and with no noise. We still come to your property weekly to complete edging, blowing, and other lawn maintenance services. We remove, store, and service the automowers over the winter in preparation for the next season.


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​Spring Lawn & Hard Surface Start-Up:

  • Site evaluation of plow damage.

  • Replace damaged sod and displaced road material.

  • Remove leaves, branches, salt, and debris.

  • Rake/blow grass to stimulate growth.​​​


Plant Bed Spring Clean-Up/Start-Up:

  • Dead-head, trim, and prune plants as needed.

  • General clean-up of leaves and debris.

  • Install fresh mulch in plant beds.

  • Apply fertilizer and pre-emergent.

  • Cultivate mulch as needed.

  • Remove weeds from plant beds and parking lots.

  • Evaluate plant beds and make recommendations.


  • Fall Lawn and plant bed leaf cleanup (Typically performed in October and/or November.)

  • Continue regular mowing as needed.

  • Clean up leaves and debris by means of disposal.

  • Prepare for winter by marking areas to prevent damage during snow removal.


Lawn and Turf Maintenance:

  • Mow to a height of 3.5 inches, alternate mowing directions, and grass clipping  mulched for nutrient recycling.

  • Timing adjusted to the best schedule for business.

  • Trim areas that the mower cannot reach to maintain an even height.

  • Maintain the crisp edge on plant beds, driveways, sidewalks, and patios.

  • Blow off grass clippings and debris out of plant beds and off paved surfaces.

  • Remove trash from lawn areas to keep the area clean.


Plant Bed Maintenance:

  • Prune & deadhead shrubs & perennials.

  • Weed beds mechanically / chemically.

  • Remove debris and trash from plant beds.

  • Monitor plant health and make recommendations.

  • Trim shrubs and hedges up to two times per year.

  • Apply pre-emergent and fertilizer two times.


Snow and Ice Management:

  • Plowing for all driveways and parking lots when 1.5” or more have fallen.

  • Hand shoveling and salting walkways and doorways (plant & turf friendly).

  • Weekly winter property check (even if there's no snow).

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