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Ponds & Water Features

The sight and sound of moving water are one of nature’s most calming and serene experiences and the benefits ponds and water features bring to your outdoor space go well beyond their soothing effect.


We exclusively install Aquascape pond systems for their natural appearance, ease of care, and ecologically sound design. 

Ponds can:

  • Broaden your gardening options with the introduction of aquatic plants

  • Support wildlife including insect-eating frogs and birds

  • Solve issues resulting from rain runoff

  • Mask neighborhood noise with the sound of the waterfall

  • Teach young people about ecosystems


Though ponds are a popular way to add the sound of water and nature to your yard, there are other options.

From waterfall bowls and falling water fountains, to rocks with bubbling water, we can help you find the right feature to make your house stand out and bring the sounds of nature that much closer to your door.

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"The pond looks fantastic! Thanks!"


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