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Grass Seeding, Sod, & Artificial Turf

There's nothing like looking out your window and seeing a beautiful carpet of soft green grass. Whether you're wanting sod, seeding or artificial turf, we can install what works best for your yard or outdoor space.


Creative installs many acres of seeding each year for our customers.  Our comprehensive, professional seeding program ensures the best success for your lawn.  Seeding can also be one of the most cost-effective ways to give you a professional look at your home or business. In fact, it is less than a third of the cost of using sod.  In the right conditions, this is a great option.


Our seeding program consists of:

  • Proper topsoil preparation to ensure a high-quality soil bed. 

  • We use only premium seed selections specific to your location and situation.

  • Drill seeding using a mechanical drill seeder.

  • Fertilization and nutrient application.

  • High-slope areas need to have a reinforced straw blanket installed in order to prevent erosion.

  • We target early spring (mid-April to mid-May) and late fall (mid-September to mid-October) to seed, however, there are times when seeding is needed outside of those windows and we have processes to ensure success during these times.

  • Additionally, hydromulch pellets are spread and applied depending on the time of year.  These pellets absorb moisture - expanding to cover and providing extra protection for seed through germination in certain situations.  We've found this method to be as effective as traditional hydroseeding slurry methods with less cost and water "waste". 

  • As you would expect, we provide our full warranty for any area that is irrigated and partial warranty for areas that are not irrigated.

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There are many advantages to sod over seeding - especially for smaller areas.  There is no waiting as it provides an instant lawn of lush, green turf.  No mud is being tracked into the house, and there is virtually no risk of erosion and washouts.

Sod is a mature, nurtured, and developed plant. Seeds are precisely that—undeveloped, immature plants. It takes us a year or more to grow our seed into the lush, green carpeting you'll see immediately upon installation. 

It is important to note that you do not need excellent soils to grow sod, if you are beginning your lawn with seed, you will need top quality soils to start the plants off right. Fertilizer and water management become critical when you start from seed on poor soils. It takes more fertilizations and weed control applications to start seed. 


Artificial Turf is a great way to upgrade certain areas of the landscape and is a low-maintenance, beautiful option. 


Installing artificial turf requires preparation of the area, including removing existing vegetation, leveling the ground, and adding drainage. Once the ground is prepared, the turf can be laid out, cut to size, and secured in place. 

Artificial turf does have a higher initial cost than traditional sod lawns. But unlike sod, an artificial turf lawn requires little maintenance and can stand up to harsh weather conditions such as rain, sun, and snow. 

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Lawn Strip

"The yard is beautiful. We will enjoy watching it grow and change for years to come. Thank you for your expertise and patience!"


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