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When to Invest in a Professional Landscape Design

Many of us have a hyped up version of ourselves when it comes to home decorating and organization. Reality is, we can’t be the Property Brothers or Chip and Joanna Gaines…even if we feel like, deep down, we could be.

When it comes to landscaping, we may try our best to pick out the prettiest plants, full grown trees, and keep our grass looking green and perfectly trimmed but really, who honestly has the time to figure out the right planting season, depth, area, and spacing as well as keep things weeded, mulched, and neatly groomed every week?

Just like you may not dare knock down a wall in your house without a professional telling you exactly how to do it or what would happen if you did, it may be a better plan of action to contact a professional landscape designer to help create the Pinterest-perfect space.

Perks of a Professional Creating a Landscape Design For You

Just like consulting any professional, landscape designers have experience and knowledge of not only how to design a pretty picture of your outdoor space, but they also can delve into the details of plants and trees—their size, growth, seasonality, planting location, pests, invasiveness, and more—and can tell you the best materials to make your landscape come to life.

Professional landscape designers can help:

  • Visualize your outdoor space

  • Offer ideas you may not have considered such as lighting, irrigation, and more

  • Coordinate the details of more complex projects like installing a pool, which needs compliance with local zoning regulations

  • Utilize past experience with other projects and relationships already built with quality local vendors.

What Do I Get if I Purchase a Design?

In short, you’ll receive everything you need to know what goes into your vision. Landscape designers will provide you with a:

  • 2D Plan

  • Plant List

  • Material Palette

  • Possible 3D plan depending on scope of project

What is the Process to get from a Design to Completion?

STEP 1: Get Acquainted

  • Talk through the overall project scope—typically by phone or in our design center.

  • Share thoughts and ideas and talk over a vision for the end project.

  • Review the design/build process, including our design rates.

  • Discuss budget and timing.

  • Discuss design options and cost.

  • Decide whether we are a good fit and schedule an on-site meeting.

STEP 2: Complete Design

  • With customer's approval and payment, the design process begins.

  • Designers create a customized plan for the customer using the questionnaire and site notes.

  • Making any changes needed, we present the initial design.

  • Initial design review with the customer.

  • Make adjustments to the design as needed.

  • Final design presentation.

STEP 3: Installation Proposal

  • Break the project down into separate work areas.

  • Final proposal given.​​

  • Secure your spot on the schedule with a deposit of 50%.

STEP 4: Construction

  • Installation occurs with steady communication with customer.

  • Provide a weekly invoice as work is completed.

  • Final walk through to answer any questions.

  • Testimonial and customer satisfaction survey request.

STEP 5: Ongoing Landscape Services

  • Keep your landscaping looking new with regular maintenance.​

Can I Purchase the Design and Still Do It Myself?

Short answer is yes, but it’s not recommended. As mentioned before, landscaping teams have the proper training and experience in planting techniques especially for those plants that are delicate or have touchy root systems. There’s also relationships between landscape designers and install teams with sub-contractors and local vendors to get you the best quality products and service for your project.

If you want trees to be removed, transplanted, or planted, the proper landscape machinery would need to be used. Large trees especially need to be planted by a professional. The same goes for vinyl pool and paver installation. A professional landscape company will also know the zoning requirements and will seek to obtain any permits necessary for work on your property.

Landscape designers and installation teams will serve you in the best way possible and try to accommodate your needs, schedule, and desires.

How Much do Designs Cost?

Cost will depend on the size of your property along with the amount of work and size of your vision. Contact us to give you an estimate of what your design will cost.

Taking the Next Step

Just like building or redesigning a home, it takes a lot of work to create spaces that work well together and last a long time. Our professional landscape design team is committed to quality service and uses their creativity to help bring your vision to paper and then will work closely with our installation team to turn that paper into reality.

If you’re not sure about getting a design, or you’re ready to take the leap, fill out our questionnaire and attach it with any inspiration photos to our contact us form and our team would be happy to talk through your project with you.


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