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Design & Build

Turning your landscape dreams into a space your family and friends will enjoy for years to come is an exciting process, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Our landscape designers have the knowledge and experience to analyze your site and design a space that is beautiful and functional. Utilizing computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D images, our team will help you visualize your space and work with you to bring your dreams to life. We follow a five step process to get you from an idea to a completed project you can be proud of!

Not sure what you want in your outdoor space? We're here to help!



Who doesn't want their own personal paradise? We can install a fiberglass pool and create a beautiful space around it—all designed to meet your relaxation and entertainment needs. 

Adding a pool or spa to your landscape is a multi-step process, but we’ll handle everything so you can focus on enjoying it. We will:

  • Incorporate your pool or spa into the initial landscape design to ensure it fits with your other hardscaping elements and planting style.

  • Make safety a priority throughout the process by acquiring permits for mechanical aspects like gas and electric.

  • Lay the groundwork by excavating the area for when you're ready to install your pool or spa.

  • Install your new fiberglass pool.

  • Install the pool deck / patio and surrounding landscaping.


Having a fire pit is like being able to camp in your own backyard. At a moment’s notice, you can decide to enjoy the mesmerizing dance of an open fire while telling stories and making a few s’mores. 


An outdoor kitchen also expands your options. This growing trend allows everyone, including the chef, to be part of the fun when entertaining guests or just hanging out with the family.


From choosing the right grill for built-in use to showing you different ways to incorporate a fire pit into your landscape plan, we can design the right situation for your outdoor culinary creations or fireside star gazing.



Patios, decks, and pergolas extend the living space of your home so you can fully enjoy warm breezes, sunny days, and sparkling twilight evenings in Southwestern Michigan.


We'll match your needs with the best design, placement, and materials for maximum enjoyment and functionality. 

Once the finishing touches have been put on your design, our team of professionals will install your new living space using the latest in materials and installation techniques for the highest quality result.


Create flow, character, and a sense of place on your property with walls and walkways. By working with the contours and natural pedestrian patterns in your outdoor space, you can:

  • Attractively connect areas of different elevations

  • Solve issues of worn paths in grassy areas caused by too much foot traffic

  • Eliminate the need for mowing sloped areas

  • Create attractive areas for plantings and gardens


Our experts will analyze your property and recommend the wall or walkway solution best for your situation. We will also offer suggestions about how patios, water features, and other hardscaping techniques can work within your plan to create an outstanding outdoor living space.



Trees and plants are not only functional, but also beautiful. Our team knows exactly what would look best and work best in your landscaping. We can help you by:

  • Planting trees, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, and ground covers

  • Removing existing lawns

  • Seeding and sodding new lawns

  • Installing edgings and mulch


The sight and sound of moving water is one of nature’s most calming and serene experiences. The benefits ponds and waterfalls bring to your outdoor space go well beyond their soothing effect. Water features can:

  • Broaden your gardening options with the introduction of aquatic plants

  • Support wildlife including insect-eating frogs and birds

  • Solve issues resulting from rain runoff

  • Mask neighborhood noise with the sound of waterfall

  • Teach young people about ecosystems


We will help you create a water feature to enhance your property. We exclusively install Aquascape pond systems for their natural appearance, ease of care, and ecologically sound design. 



Lights are a lovely way to provide security when you are walking out in your landscaping during the evening or night. While making a statement, lights give beauty to your home and landscape. 

Irrigation provides a great watering system for your new and existing turf. It takes that one more thing off your to-do list. Irrigation also leaves your grass feeling plush and green. 

We also install sound systems to your landscaping. Sound systems are a great addition to your outdoor patio and garden space that adds value to your home.


Hydroseeding can be one of the most cost effective ways to give you a professional look at your home or business. In fact, hydroseed is less than a third of the cost of using sod.  


Our hydroseed program consists of:

  • Proper ground preparation to ensure high quality soil bed. 

  • Drill seeding using a mechanical drill seeder.

  • Hydromulch application with water, "tackifier" fertilizer, fiber mulch/straw which dries to protect to the seeding until germination.


Like what you see? Contact us to learn more.

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