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The Water Effect

Ponds are a nice addition that can bring life to any landscape. Just being around water has a calming effect and can even reduce stress. It’s no wonder we are so drawn to water, willing to pay top dollar for waterfront property, choose vacation destinations near water, flock to the beach on the weekends, visit water parks, play water sports and buy swimming pools. So, why don’t more people have ponds in their backyard?

Despite the calming effect and willingness to fork out so much money to be around water, most of us run from the idea of owning a pond. When we think of ponds, we think of dirty mucky water that will require a ton of chemicals and more of our attention keeping it maintained than actually enjoying its beauty. Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way. With an ecosystem pond, you can enjoy its beauty while it practically takes care of itself as long as you include these four components - circulation & filtration, plants, fish and gravel.

Aquascape Inc. has developed this process down to a simple science. This is what they recommend:

Circulation & Filtration. Continuous circulation provides the aeration needed for good water quality and a stable ecosystem. Choosing the right pump can achieve optimal results. Aquascape, Inc recommends choosing a pump that will circulate your entire pond at least once per hour. A good biological filtration system and mechanical filter will help remove unwanted solids such as leaves, floating algae and anything else that finds its way into the pond without losing beneficial bacteria.

Plants. Plants not only will beautify and naturalize the look of your pond, but also play a major role in contributing to the overall ecosystem. Plants will help consume any excess nutrients that would otherwise feed unwanted algae and have a negative impact on water quality. Floating plants help shade your pond and keep it cooler during hotter months.

Fish. Fish will bring your pond to life and are a joy to interact with. In fact, many people train Koi to eat right out of their hand! As long as you do not overfeed your fish, they will help keep your pond clean by eating algae.

Gravel. The gravel in ponds provide a space for beneficial bacteria to grow. This bacteria is important as it feeds on nutrients, starving any algae that is trying to make its way into your pond.

Like any ecosystem, things take time to establish and go to work. Typically, in a new pond, it may take up to six weeks for things to balance out. Follow these steps and mix in a little patience and you will have a beautiful serene paradise in your own backyard to enjoy without the hassle of maintenance.

Need help getting started? No problem! Creative Landscaping is a Certified Aquascape Contractor, meaning we have proven our capability of building beautiful, professional ecosystem ponds and water features. Call us today for a free estimate!

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