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Steps to Landscape Career Success

Creating great quality of life comes down to the people we surround ourselves with, staying true to our passions, and continually learning. This applies to our work lives, too. Why should anyone spend the bulk of their waking hours working in a situation where they aren’t bettering themselves professionally and personally?

Forty years in this business has taught us that when a strong team enjoys working together, treats each other with respect, and has ways to build new skills, everyone wins. That includes our customers because employees who enjoy their work pay it forward by delivering a quality job and respectful customer service.

That’s why we created the Passport to Success program for everyone who works at Creative Landscaping. All positions in landscape construction, landscape maintenance, landscape design, and administration start at a competitive hourly rate, but we want everyone to earn as much as possible.

Passport to Success uses our own internal education and skill track to increase opportunity. We step outside the box of traditional "job descriptions" and give everyone the chance to excel in areas they are passionate, learn as much as possible, and increase their hourly wage. Our team members have a clear outline of what is expected and what defines a job well done. This helps everyone in their current role, and it provides a framework in which to improve skills and move up within the company.

All this cool stuff together creates a Personal Scoreboard for each team member to track skills, training, and progress as everyone works up that proverbial ladder.

Motivated team members can work up to a top-end hourly rate within their division. After that, maybe a leadership track is on the radar. Our goal is to grow and promote leaders from within because they are the foundation for making Creative Landscaping one of the best places to work.

This type of environment inspires aspirations and innovation. Perhaps there is a position in an existing division a team member would like to grow into, or maybe they see an opportunity to create a new business or division within the company. Whatever our team members’ goals are within Creative Landscaping, we help them achieve that success.

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