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River Birch

River Birch

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Betula nigra

River Birch trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape with their gracefully spreading branches and pyramid-shaped crown. The bark of younger stems is a striking pink to orange color, which matures to a darker shade as the tree grows. The glossy green leaves are diamond-shaped and offer a lovely contrast to the silvery underside. This tree thrives in moist, sandy soil and can tolerate periodic wet conditions. However, it is also surprisingly adaptable to dry soil and is resistant to bronze birch borer, making it a hardy choice for a variety of environments. Whether planted in full sun or partial shade, the River Birch is sure to make a stunning statement in any garden or wooded area.

(Image: Brehob Nurseries)

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  • Characteristics

    Zones: 4 to 9

    Height: 40 ft

    Width: 35 ft

    Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

  • Availability

    Available end of April for pickup or delivery.

  • Delivery & Installation Options- Call for details

    Delivery: We can deliver if you are 30 miles from our location in St. Joseph, MI!  Contact our team for details.

    Installation: Let us do the dirty work! Contact our team for details.