Now enjoy the splendorous beauty of Japan's famed cherry blossoms in your own garden. From early to late May these trees are covered with a wealth of fully double flowers of exceptional charm and beauty -- extremely large, up to 2 1/2'' in diameter. The bloom of the Royal Japanese Cherry tree is actually so abundant that living bouquets of flowers cover the limbs from sight. These fragrant, small ornamental trees will highlight your landscape as in the Imperial Gardens of Japan where it is revered for its outstanding beauty. An excellent specimen tree even for small lots as it grows only 15-25' tall, producing a graceful tree of rare beauty with slender, spreading branches. Young foliage has attractive, bright, reddish copper color, a really handsome tree all season long - in flower or foliage! This is the hardiest of the double flowering cherries, thriving in all sections of the country. Many trees bloom the first year planted but all are covered with blooms the second year. Our supply is limited, so please order early. Sturdy, 2-3' trees sent. Plant in full to partial sun. Zones 5-9.

Royal Japanese Cherry Tree