We honestly believe these are the most beautiful plants ever to bloom in a garden. Fully double goblet-shaped flowers measure up to 8 inches wide! Petals have the rich gleam of Oriental silk and a transparency unknown among lesser peonies! Foliage is a lush deep green. They bloom with royal lavishness, producing up to 200 huge, fragrant flowers per plant.

Start to bud even before snow leaves the ground!

While the frost is still on the ground these glorious Tree Peonies begin active growth. In April you'll see their buds shoot out. Folks will drive miles just for a glimpse of your garden.

Lives for generations!

Unlike ordinary peony varieties, these woody bushes do not die back to the ground in winter -- instead grow larger and more beautiful each year! The bush seldom grows higher than 4 feet; but spreads gracefully each succeeding year until it reaches as much as 5 feet across. Like the Giant Redwoods, they live for generations -- for a century or even more! So amazingly hardy, living blooming plants of 200 and 300 years old are reported from China and Japan!

4 radiant colors!

Deep crimson red, velvety purple, pure pink and silvery white. In this collection, you get one of each.

Peony Tree Collection