Ponds & waterfalls

"It's hard to believe what a tremendous improvement has been made to what was already a beautiful piece of the world. You've been a large part of that and we want you to know how much we appreciate your ideas and all your beautiful work." 
Creative Landscaping client

The sight and sound of moving water – it’s one of nature’s most calming and serene experiences. The benefits ponds and waterfalls bring to your outdoor space go well beyond their soothing effect. Water features can:
  • Broaden your gardening options with the introduction of aquatic plants
  • Support wildlife including insect-eating frogs and birds
  • Solve issues resulting from rain runoff
  • Mask neighborhood noise with the sound of waterfall
  • Teach young people about ecosystems
We will help you create a water feature to enhance your property with a focus on:
  • Size and placement for optimal sun/shade balance
  • Recommendations to keep the water moving
  • Proper selection of pond plants for beauty and function
  • Seamlessly blending your new addition into existing landscaping
  • Teaching you how to get the most enjoyment and benefit from your pond through proper care and maintenance
We exclusively install Aquascape pond systems for their natural appearance, ease of care, and ecologically sound design. Start dreaming of what you can do with the Aquascape Water Feature Online Dream Book.

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