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Residential Landscape Maintenance

Your life is busy. There’s work, family, friends and vacations. At some point, even the best low-maintenance landscape design is going to need some level of care. We want your outdoor living areas to retain their original beauty and for your investment to be cared for over the years to come.

We can prepare your gardens in the Spring so they're ready for a season of new growth. In the Summer, we’ll handle the dirty work so you can get back to making memories. We all know what a Southwestern Michigan can bring, so let us help prepare your property for the cold, snowy weather.

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Whether you live there year-round or it is your second home to vacation at, you don't want to be stuck doing yard work when you could be doing other things.

From weed control to aeration and fertilization, let us help keep your lawn looking beautiful and healthy all year long.

We also provide high-standard and reliable weekly lawn care and mowing. Our service includes:

  • Grass mowed in straight lines with alternating pattern

  • Everything the mower can't reach is professionally trimmed with precision to the same height as the grass

  • Curbs, sidewalks, driveways, patios and plant beds have crisp, clean edging

  • Grass clippings are cleaned off all lawns, plant beds, and all hard surfaces (driveways, walkways, patios, etc.) are blown clean of debris.

Our crew focuses on providing the highest quality service and experience that will make your neighbors jealous.


Weeds can rob your perennials and other plants of the nutrients on which they depend and causing long-term problems that require time and money to correct.

Protect the value of the investment you’ve made in your plants. Let us get rid of unsightly weeds and unwanted grass in your flower beds with our mechanical and chemical vegetation control. We'll visit on a bi-weekly basis to help keep your gardens looking beautiful all season long. 



Don't get caught with frozen water lines! We are experienced in caring for your irrigation systems and keeping them in top operating shape.

Spring services include:

  • Hooking up water lines

  • Walking the zone to identify problems

  • Pressurizing the system

  • Identifying damaged or inoperable zones

  • Programming the automatic timer.

Winter services include:

  • Stopping the timer

  • Disconnecting the water supply

  • Blowing out the underground lines

  • Identifying damaged sprinklers

  • Draining any garden hoses used in the system.


Living in Southwestern Michigan, we know the look and sounds of water can help us unwind, but caring for a water feature can be anything but relaxing.


In the Spring, we will give your water feature a good cleaning so it’s ready for your enjoyment. We will also provide routine maintenance and algae control making sure your water feature stays in tip-top shape. We'll also check on your pond animals and plants to make sure their environment is safe and clean.

When the weather begins cooling down, we'll make sure your system is protected and properly winterized.

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Lighting is an important feature on your property that you want to work properly all year long. 


Services include:

  • Testing the system from the timer to the fixtures

  • Cleaning the fixtures

  • Programming the timer.


Like every part of your property, you want it looking its best. We’ll ensure that your plants receive the proper attention at the proper time to maintain their health and beauty, and protect your investment.

There are many reasons to prune your shrubs and small trees, but the most common are to:

  • Maintain/Reduce Size

  • Improve Health and Vigor

  • Encourage Flowering

  • Shape/Structure

  • Rejuvenate Older Plant

Our services include:

  • selective trimming back of healthy limbs

  • removal of dead limbs

  • pruning of fruit-bearing trees and shrubs

  • removal of unwanted small trees.

Add-on services include: tree removal and transplanting, high limb trimming, and woodland clearing.

Tree pruning.jpg


As a full service landscape and design company, we offer spring cleaning and opening of your patio, fire feature, and outdoor kitchen spaces.

Services include:

  • Testing and cleaning of kitchen appliances

  • Pressure washing paving stones and patios

  • Spring clean-up of pool-patio-firepit areas.

Add-ons include: sealing of patio brick, repairs of gas fire feature, winterization of outdoor areas, storing away patio furniture (or installing covers). 

Like what you see? Contact us to learn more.

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