Lawn & garden maintenance

Spend your time enjoying nature, not tending to it


Eliminate the burden of yard work from your list of activities. Our lawn and garden experts can take over those routine activities, giving you more time to enjoy all that southwestern Michigan has to offer.

Investing in a lawn and garden maintenance plan goes beyond surface beauty. Proper pruning of shrubs, small trees, and gardens promotes plant health.  This attention to details can also provide early detection and treatment of fungus, disease, and other plant issues.

Choose from one or both of our lawn and garden maintenance plans.

Plant care package

  • Spring and fall clean up

  • Twice monthly weeding and deadheading

  • Shrub and perennial flower fertilization

  • Proper pruning of shrubs and small trees

Lawn care package

  • Weekly mowing and trimming

  • Four applications of fertilizer and weed control

Combining the two packages earns you a discount and total freedom from yard work all season.