The Creative Family

We are thankful to have a great team of people who love what they do and are committed to the highest values and standards of professionalism, workmanship, and integrity.  We are different, by design - holding to our strong core values and high service standards.  We invest in continuous training and have the latest certifications in all areas of our operation.  We do this so you can be comfortable and confident of our performance when we are working on your property. 


Our team has some of the most talented people in the industry and we look forward to putting our skills to work for you.  Crafting a landscape is not an exercise in one single skill, but rather, a matter of understanding the entire process and ultimately placing all of the skills together that will bring a project to life.  Over time, the result becomes a reputable company with innovative designs, career-oriented team members, and a growing company delighting the customers they serve.  


Ryan Howard

Ryan and his wife Kati are the owners of Creative Landscaping & Design, a company with 46 years of history helping to build beautiful and healthy communities in Southwest Michigan.  Ryan's goal has been to firmly position Creative as the leader in landscape design, construction, and property management in Southwest Michigan while positively impacting everyone the company comes into contact with.  He is dedicated to providing professional service to our customers not commonly found in the 'green' industry while creating opportunities for employees to use their God-given skills.  

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys being outdoors, participating in church activities at The Chapel in St. Joseph, and enjoying family vacations with Kati and their two kids - Caleb and Karli.  


Kati Howard

Kati leads our Customer Care Division for Creative and is gifted in client service and creating well-thought-out outdoor living environments that help create memories for families and friends. Kati has earned both a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree from Michigan State University in Education.

Kati and Ryan have been married 25 years and have two teen-aged children who are active in their business during the summer months. During the winter months she works part-time and focuses on home-educating their kids while contributing to and taking in regional and local cultural attractions and activities. 


Jennifer Sommer

Jen joined the Creative Landscaping team in 2018. She brings a natural eye for creativity, landscape beauty, and a love for plants and nature to our team. She takes great pride and joy in designing beautiful outdoor spaces for others.


For Jen, landscape design is a passion. Her passion spreads from work to home where you will often find her working and enjoying her own gardens. She loves learning about the latest plants and expanding her growing flower beds. Jen is married to Dan. They have 2 beautiful daughters, Lydia and Abigail, and a dog named Flash.  Both girls are heading off to college this fall. In her personal life, Jen’s faith in Jesus, her family, and a love for God’s creation are the things that ground her.


Adrian Campos

Adrian has a Bachelor's degree in architecture and urban planning with more than 10 years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial projects.  He is also a native of the city of Curitiba/PR in Brazil. 

Adrian and his family moved to St. Joseph in 2018 due to his wife's relocation with Whirlpool.  His spare time includes spending time with his wife Marcella, their young daughter born in 2019, and sports activities.  

For Adrian, landscape design is the connection of artful composition and spatial organization to create attractive and functional spaces visually pleasing to the eye.  He has been instrumental in many exquisite, contemporary designs for our customers. 


Sandy Major

Sandy keeps our office processes organized and is often the first person you will talk with when calling our office.  She has been with Creative for several years and handles QuickBooks, Miss Dig requests, plant orders, and many other key administrative activities!


Sandy is a St. Joseph native. As a soldier in the Army, she lived in many places, but is happy to be settled in at "home" again.  In the years between the Army and "home," she has enjoyed working a variety of industries.  She is a devoted mom to 2 dogs and 2 cats - Gunner, Gabby, Gizmo and Gilly. In her spare time, she enjoys taking day trips to explore new places.


Image 4-23-21 at 9.45 AM (2).jpg

Abigail Sommer

Abigail has been helping with Creative Landscaping’s communication and marketing since the summer of 2020. She greatly appreciates the opportunity to learn by experience and enjoys being able to use her skills in practical ways. She is attending Moody Bible Institute and majoring in communication. In her spare time, Abigail can often be found working on a new idea for a story or converting her favorite books into movies.


Jerry Smith 
Jerry joined the Creative Landscaping team in March 2022. He has been in Christian property management for more than 30 years, with a God-given ability to repair many of the systems and equipment used by the Creative team. He also enjoys working directly with clients, helping them get the service they deserve.

Jerry is specifically overseeing the Maintenance Team, involved with mowing, plant bed care and pond maintenance. Much of his time is spent writing proposals for new and existing clients.

Jerry lives with his wife and mother-in-law in Stevensville and attends The Chapel where he enjoys building relationships with others in the community and his Savior, Jesus Christ.


Derak Woytsek

Derak is one of our newest designers to join the team. Originally from southern Indiana, he has always enjoyed working with plants and trying his hand at propagation. He received his associates in Architectural Studies. With a background in home building design, he brings a unique perspective to the design process. 

Derak is an avid pet lover. He currently has in his care 2 cats, 10 fish, a snake and a gecko. He’s thinking of adding a new critter soon. Don’t worry, no snakes are allowed in the design center!  

Crew Leadership

Rod Brueck
Josiah Dubs
Ryan Cade
Alfonzo Contreras
Rebecca Payne
Nacho Perez
Luis Contreras
Guillermo Santiago
Our Core Values

We operate with integrity, honesty, and commitment - doing the Right Thing in all that we do. 

We hold each other and our clients in high esteem and dignity, through professionalism and humility.

We strive to complete our craft with skill, safe protocols, and going the extra mile as needed.

We plan ahead, anticipate issues and provide ongoing solutions to problems with persistent optimism.

We earn each other’s trust through participation, collaboration, encouragement, and efficiency.

We prioritize personal growth through lifelong learning, coaching, and practicing industry leading processes.