Our FREE initial consultation begins with LISTENING to your needs & preferences!

  • Do you need more space for entertaining or a play space for the kids?
  • Are you looking for a more welcoming entry with ‘curb appeal?’
  • Is ‘easy care’ on the top of your priority list or do you love to garden?
  • Is there a view you’d like to hide or enhance?
  • Would you like to attract birds or muffle neighborhood noise?

Questions like these help us turn your yard into the place that’s perfect for YOU!

Once we understand your needs and desires, the design process can begin.

This includes:

  • An analysis of site conditions, including soil type, slopes, sun & shade patterns, and an inventory of any existing plants
  • A base map is created including your house and property lines, then ‘hardscape’ features such as patios or decks, walks, retaining walls, ponds or swimming pools, gazebos or arbors are added.
  • Plant materials are selected based upon site conditions, mature size, growth rate, bloom time, and your personal preferences.
  • Image views are created, using photos of your site. These show you just what your completed landscaping will look like! No more trying to decipher confusing drawings!
  • Finally, we will review the plans with you, answering your questions, and making any needed changes.

  • Design fees are based on the size and complexity of your project.